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All You Need is Beatles!


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Hey there everyone! Here's the part of my site where I tell ya'll what ya can't do!
1) DO NOT copy all my pics and put them on your site- I hate it when people do that! I spent good time scanning them into my computer and then you think you can just go and take them all? Nuh uh baby! I would very much appreciate it if you ASKED ME FIRST, and then linked AYNB!
2) DO NOT copy all my ideas and put them on you site- that's even worse! I spent hours thinking up these ideas and then putting them into action. If you like them, ta luv! But don't go putting them on your site and claiming that YOU came up with the idea.
3) DO tell everyone about how awesome AYNB's ideas are!
4) DO email me and ASK permission to use my ideas and pictures.
And now onto the disclaimer part of this page...
I obviously didn't take any of the rock star photos on the site, and none of them belong to me. I scanned them from The Beatles Anthology or got them from *God Bless The Beatles* (with permission of course).
The news articles featured throughout AYNB are from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper.
The only pictures that belong to me are the ones I took myself or are of me.