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All You Need is Beatles!
Chapter Two


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of "Wish Upon A Star"

"Can I hug you?" I adoringly asked John.

          John sighed and said, "Ah, why not?" He shrugged and I wrapped my arms around him.

          When we released our embrace, I said, "This is so amazing. I mean, you're JOHN LENNON!" John just nodded, smiling. I looked at him. He looked so perfect, just like he should, though only 40 years old when he should be 60. That was even better. "So," I asked, "What do you want to do?"

          "I dunno. Depends on whether people can see me or not."

          "We can find that out in an instant." I walked over to my door and opened it, leaning my head out. "LUCY! Come up here!" I called. From downstairs I heard Lucy groan and then the sound of footsteps on the stairs. She entered the room.

          "What do you want? Ya know, I was trying to do my homework, but have to find some way to bug me. You always do that Aud! Always! It's so ann--who the hell is that?" Lucy's eyes go very wide and her mouth dropped open. "Oh my god, that's John Lennon." She walked towards him, eyes still wide. She placed her hand on his shoulder, John backed up.

          "Eh luv, it's not very nice to go around touching people. Especially with that wide eyes look on yer face. It's enough to make a lad go soft," John scolded. This scared Lucy, and she jerked her hand back and gave me an curious look. I walked over to her.

          "Ok, thanks Lucy, you can leave now. After all, you have homework to do, remember?" I said, pushing Lucy out my door. Lucy nodded, and walked downstairs in a daze. I shut the door and John and I returned to our conversation. While we talked, my stereo played "Driving Rain".

          "That damn McCartney is ahead of me again. I was gonna write a song called Lonely Road." John sneered.

          I laughed. "So where do you want to go?" I asked again.

          "I'm content with staying right here for now. Maybe tomorrow we can do something."

          "Oh, uhm...alright." I felt surprisingly odd with John. I still couldn't believe that John Lennon was sitting on my bed. It was just so incredible. I glanced at my night stand and saw my picture of the Imagine Mosaic that I took on mine and Cyn's visit to New York City. 

          It was a cold December 8th that year, we were 15 years old. We got to the Imagine Mosaic at exactly midnight on the 8th. It was excruciatingly cold, dark, and quiet. I was clutching a bag of 100 tea-lite candles and a bouquet of a dozen roses. We were the first ones to the Mosaic, and Cynthia placed her guitar case on the ground and opened it. She lifted her acoustic guitar out and removed a large sign that was rolled up and tucked under the guitar. She took it out also, and hung it on a tree. In graceful cursive lettering, it said "Love is the answer..."

          I placed the candles all around the edge of the mosaic while Cyn played "Imagine". I sand the lyrics softly, not holding back any tears. I took out the roses and placed them underneath the word "Imagine" on the Mosaic. Cyn continued to play while I lit all the candles. When I was finished, I sat down next to Cyn and we sand through our tears.

          After we had finished the song, a figure in a long black coat stepped out of the shadows. It appeared to be a small older looking woman. She came over to us and in the dim candlelight we saw the face of Yoko Ono Lennon. She looked at us with tears in her eyes. She said softly, "Please keep playing."

          Cyn began playing "Love". I sang as I stood and walked to the Mosaic. I picked up the roses and took one out, setting the rest back down. I brought it over to Yoko as I sang "Love is needing to be loved.

          Yoko embraced me and whispered, "Thank you. John would be honoured." She stood up, and walked back into the shadows.

*          *          *

"Hello? Audrey? Are you still here?" John was waving his hands in front of the face.

          "Oh, sorry." I said, wiping a tear from my eye.

          "What were you thinking about?" he asked.

          "The most beautiful, yet sorrowful day of my life." John looked questioningly at me. "The day I met Yoko."

          "Yoko?" he asked. I nodded. "Yoko! I miss her so much! And Sean, oh my god, Sean must be so big!"

          "Yes, Sean's 27 now! He still lives in the Dakota with Yoko," I informed him.

          "Holy crap!" John exclaimed. "We have to go see them!"

          "Oh, so now you want to go somewhere, huh?"

          John laughed. "Sorry luv, if it's not too much trouble."

          "No! Of course not! It's about time I got down to NYC anyways." I replied happily. "When do you want to leave?"