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All You Need is Beatles!


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Updates II

Here's all my back dated entries in "All I've Got to Do".

Sorry I haven't been keeping this updated! I'll fill you all in on everything new...
"We Take A Walk"- Sandy and I walked down Lake Road to the Mobile Station and I took pictures all along the way. Enjoy!
"Baby You Can Link My Site"- This was on the "Other Groovy Sites" page, but I don't think it was getting noticed so I moved it to it's own page.
"How I Won the Award"- I've got two more, hee hee! Ta Lora and Sabrina, I'm honoured!
"How You Can Win My Award"- Congrats Kisha and Lora, I love your sites!
"Idenitity Crisis"- Paul and Britney Spears team up to make a single titled "Identity Crisis". In the new hit song they express their feelings about their "true identities". We managed to get a few lyrics of the song for you, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman, maybe I'm a man, maybe I'm a lonely man?" Coming soon, garenteed to brighten your day!
"Words Are Flowing Out"- formerly titled "Katie's Poems", it has a new design that is much easier to read with links to separate pages with induvidual poems. Plus there are 3 new ones!
*Note*: I join the Top 100 Beatles Sites a few days ago. We are currently #17, so keep voting!
*Another Note*: I'm finally working on "Wish Upon A Star" again! It'll be up as soon as it's done, which may not be for a while. Go to the Discussion Forums and there is a thread about my fanfic on there.
"A Bunch of Quiz Banners"- Couldn't think of a better name for it! LOL! Yes everyone, this is what I do in my spare time...I take these stupid quizzes. It's rather fun acctually.
"On the Cover of the Rolling Stone"- ta Sandy for inpsiring me to make this page (and providing the pictures). The Beatles' R.S. covers from 1967-1997!
"Are You A Lennon Fan?"- updated!
"Are You A Lennon Fan?"- a quiz to see if you've got what it takes to be a true Lennon fan!
"Driving USA"- As you all probably know, I saw my beloved Paul in concert on Saturday! This is a page all about the concert!
"Introducing...The Chartreuse Snow Turtlez"- I added a quiz to see which CST member YOU are most like. Sandy's bio is now up!
Like the new main page design? I hope so! I dont really like it, but some chick has been bothering me about copying other sites (ie. *GBB*), and although I am not, I might as well try and please her enough so that she won't go tattle to Sabrina, and get her mad at me too!
"Introducting...The Chartreuse Snow Turtlez"- Mine and Emi's bios are up! Sandy's and Shannon's will be up soon, and Cola went out of town for a few weeks, so her's will take a while to get.
"Act Naturally"- has MMT quotes now too! I'll get some MMT pics up soon.
"Yoko Speaks Out"- 'Yoko here! I wrote a special song with help from Katie and Sandy, and it's up on my page. Please check it out, I know you'll love it!' I'm sure we will Yoko!
"Adopt-A-Beatle"- Bernardo has adopted George! Keep adopting these cute Beatles, they need homes!
"I Me Mine"- tons of new pics!
"I Can't Hide"- Can the Beatles of 1965 predict the future?
"I Read the News Today, Oh Boy I & II"- A collection of newspaper articles describing the couragous life and dear of our beloved George.
"I'm Looking Through You...Where Did You Go?"- a page presenting how the Beatles changed throughout their lives with pictures and quotes. I have John finished, and the rest are coming soon!
"How You Can Win My Award"- has a new award up! Apply apply apply!
"How I Won the Award"- three new awards! Yay me!
"Help!"- tell me what you think of AYNB
I also added a whole bunch of pics and little suprises throughout the site. :-)
Yoko Speaks Out- Yoko has updated her portion of AYNB and is looking forward to YOU reading it! She added new pictures, including one comparing John to Justin Timberlake!
AYNB has a *new* guestbook! Isn't it just lovely? Please sign that one and not the old one! ta luvs
I just submitted AYNB to the Top 100 Beatles Site for me once I get the banner up!
I Me Mine- I updated a lot in that, considering how I have changed just a bit since November!
Act Naturally- has a bunch more Yellow Submarine quotes! Ta Shannon!
Remember Love- has new pictures and a poem by me!
How I Won The Award- The question I won so many awards?! I recieved another one today. The Golden Web Award! I feel special now.
How You Can Win My Award- has a winner! I didn't think my plan would go into effect so soon. Congrats Mindy!
Other Groovy Websites- new links!
Oh look! It's April and I'm finally writing in this! Sorry about that.
How You Can Win My Award- This was originally in "How I Won The Award", but no one seemed to see it, so I added a special page for itself.
Cool Things in The World- is finished! Hope you enjoy it, and thank you to Mary for the help!
Introducing...The Chartreuse Snow Turtlez- is somewhat updated. 3 of my bandmates are out of town and I'm working on bios for them. Except, I can't interview them if they're not here.
How I Won The Award- Has several new awards. (I just rock, so everyone wants to give me an award! lol) Plus I got some complaints that I don't link my awards, so I did this time! Are you happy now?
Wish Upon A Star- Has been started, but I am not going to put it up on my site until it is totally finished.
Other Groovy Websites- new links! Be sure to check out my brother band's site, Attack of the Plaid Ascot!
Are You A Hippie?- Added some new pics and links.
How can You Laugh?- formerly called "Funnies" has a brand new Beatles comic just for you, inspired by my sister, ta Anna!
Adopt-A-Beatle- has a form to fill out now so you dont have to worry about copy and pasting all that crap and e-mailing it to me. Sound good?
I also submitted AYNB to 2 new webrings and got accepted to one... so far!
Congrats to AYNB for reaching #16 on the Top 50 Groovy Beatles Sites!
Wow! That was a lot of updates for one day!
Thanks Jamie for linking my site! I feel extra special now!
I AM THE PEACE- This page has some pictures added to it and I'm working on my tribute to John Lennon.
*GASP!* I'm unsuspended from a web ring! The owner said that he really liked my site, so I resubmitted it to the ring! Yay! I feel special!
Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I was finishing up my brilliant new page!
I AM THE PEACE- A page in honor of peacemakers everywhere. This page includes quotes and poems from the book A Million Visions of Peace and poems by Juli, Sandy, and myself. I soon will be adding an extra special tribute to John Lennon and to all victims of the 9-11 crisis.
*GASP!* I got suspended from a web ring! Oh well, their loss.
Wish Upon A Star- My old fan fic story was leading to nowhere so I am starting a new one!
Chatter On Son, Chatter On- This is my British Slang page with a new name.
I have submitted AYNB to 3 new web rings which is why they currently say "pending" on them.
The White Album- New pictures!
I updated the site poll and my counter, don't they look beautiful! lol.  
I have finally finished fixing all of the page backrounds on my site! Bravo to me!
There's been some errors in Tripod and it hasn't let me update for about 10 days. I am!
Beatlemania!- New and finished! You can all read my lovely narrative about the special adventures CST had when we went.
Yay! AYNB is up to #18 on the Top 50 Groovy Sites list. Keep on voting, we wanna get to the top! PLUS, please please me and send me a few e-mails suggesting new stuff for the site. I'm currently working on a beautiful page for LoTR! (Lord of the Rings for you illiterate people...wait, that doesn't make sense, lol)
Sorry my site has been kinda off lately. I've just been oh-so busy!
I Love Lennon Hats- I was looking at pics of my boyz and I noticed many pics of John with odd hats on. Thought this would be a good topic for a page. Am I correct?

Yoko Speaks Out- Last night I was reading a biography on John and I was in the divorce chapter. It brought me down to tears and I got so angry at Yoko that I can't even put into words what I felt, but to put it bluntly, I was mad. So this page is the result of that.


Act Naturally- Yesterday I was watching 'Help!' and I wrote down a bunch of quotes from the movie. (That took a LONG time, cause I watched the movie twice to make sure I got them all.) I did the same with 'A Hard Day's Night' except I just read the script because I don't have the movie (although I've seen it like 1,000 times!) So here is a collection of quotes and pictures from the Beatles in the movies. I hope to add Yellow Sub and MMT to this also.

How I Won the Award- I've got a couple awards for AYNB so I made a page to show them off. AYNB is also offering an award! Hopefully someone will apply for it.

The White Album- I spent the better half of my day downloading midis offline and then uploading them onto AYNB. (So far I only have the midis for disc 1 on the site. Hopefully, I can get the rest up by tomorrow.) Then I made the lyrics in pretty rainbow colors to make the page look more happy. I also found a few pictures of White Album related things.

I also added a few things to Adopt-A-Beatle, AHDN and I Me Mine.