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All You Need is Beatles!
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Cliques, Clubs, and More!
The Life and Times of John Lennon
Guys We Think are Sexy
Fan Fiction
Introducing...The Chartreuse Snow Turtlez!
You Know My Name
Things We Said Today
Identity Crisis
We Take A Walk
Baby you can link my site!
A Bunch of Quiz Banners
On the Cover of the *Rolling Stone*
Are You A Lennon Fan?
Driving USA
I Can't Hide
I Read the News Today, Oh Boy
I Read the News Today, Oh Boy II
How You Can Win My Award
Cool Things in the World
Yoko Speaks Out
Act Naturally
How I Won the Award
How Can You Laugh?
For Lack of A Better Title: LINKS
The Beatles Have Landed
Beautiful Boys
Are You a Hippie?
Chatter On Son, Chatter On
I Me Mine
The White Album
Here Comes a Cloud
Remember Love
Words Are Flowing Out
A Hard Day's Night
More of AHDN
All I've Got to Do (Updates)

Some Fan Fic I felt worth linking! More soon.


~Loser rated PG-13
A/N-This is a dark story, hence the rating. If you are not comfortable of the fact of one of the Beatles attempting suicide, DO NOT READ. Angst galore, suicide attempts, very dark. Told in Johns P.O.V.
~Three Cool Cats rated R
A/N-Three girls dare to bag a bed. Four Beatles dare to abstain from sex until someone breaks down. Who's gonna cave in first?
~Hamburg Nights rated PG-13
A/N-This story takes place in Hamburg, Germany 1960 when the Beatles were still a struggling Liverpulian group trying to make it big. Through much research and data collecting, it has been my main goal to make this story factual and realistic.
~Beyond the Reaches of Fame ( rated PG-13
A/N-Paul learns the truth about fame as he grows form nave and carefree into a true adult seeking enlightenment in music and women. He struggles desperately to find a meaningful relationship with a woman as his dreams guide him along the way.