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All You Need is Beatles!
Chapter Two: I'll Never Leave You


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of "I Need You" by Katie Lennon

Melanie heard the click of the phone and there was silence on the other end. "Lord, no!" she screamed.

          The door of her bedroom burst open. "What's wrong dear?" he mother said as she ran in.

          "My best friend is going to kill herself. We have to go to New York. I have to save her!" Melanie screamed.

          "Honey, we can't just go to New York," her mother said kindly.

          "We have to, mom, we have to!" Melanie grabbed her cell phone and called Julia again. She threw the cordless phone to her mother. "Call the airport, I'm going to save her." Her mother nodded reluctantly and left the room, it wasn't every day that her daughter got this hysterical.

*       *       *

Julia threw her face into her pillow. She recalled her prayer from the night before. Without him I'll die, I might die for real. 'I have to be with George, I need him,' Julia thought.

          "God, why do I do this?" Julia prayed. "You took my George from me. I hate you! I hate everyone! I hate Mel for telling me, I hate dad for getting me depressed. I hate mom for dying. I hate my life!"

          Her father was still asleep, but she locked the door anyway. Julia took the razor blade from her drawer once again, and hid in the closet. She smiled weakly as the sharp blade cut her skin. She pushed it in deeper. The pain made her happy. She would finally meet George. Red blood seeped from the cut as she started on the other wrist. Julia pictured George embracing her when she got to heaven. They would be together. Her, George, and John. She wasn't afraid of death...

          The phone rang. Julia jumped at the sudden noise. The blade slipped, slicing her lower arm. She screamed. Blood poured out. Her father woke and ran to Julia's door. He jerked the door knob. "Julia," he said loudly. "What's wrong?"

          The answering machine of the phone picked up. "Julia!" Melanie screamed. "Julia! It's Mel! Please pick up the phone! Tell me you're alright, pick up the phone Jules!" Melanie began to sob again. She whispered, "No god," The phone message ended and the phone rang again.

          "JULIA!" her father yelled in worry at Mel's message he heard playing through the door. Julia was sobbing as she emerged from her closet. She lumbered towards her door, but Julia was so overwhelmed that she fainted before reaching it.

          Her father pushed on the door with all his might, and it burst open. The sight of his daughter lying on the floor, unconscious, made him begin to sob. The phone was still ringing and he answered it.

          "Julia?" Mel sobbed into the phone.

          "This is her father, what happened?"

          "Call an ambulance or she's going to die."

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