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All You Need is Beatles!
Will You Be in My Dreams Tonight?

We all have dreams and... we all dream of the ones we love, but have you ever had a dream that seemed so real you believed it was real?

Sean Lennon and I were sitting in his house. It wasnt the Dakota, it was more like a studio apartment. He had like 6 guitars plus the Imagine piano in this little room. I was overwhelmed by it all and asked Sean if I could play Johns piano. He nodded and I sat down and started to play Imagine. The next thing I know, were at my house and Sean is nowhere to be found. I run all over my house looking for him and I ask my dad where he is. I dont know, he replies. Maybe he left. That made me burst into tears. Sean is gone? But he didnt even give me his phone number or e-mail address! I ran down to my basement and there he is, and hes wearing my angel costume from a previous Halloween. Surprisingly, it fit him and I laughed. He smiled and said "I love making you laugh, Katie." We then went up stairs and I realized Sean was no longer wearing my costume, but I noticed he had very long hair. "You should cut your hair, like maybe into a mop top, but not as clean cut as the Beatles," I suggested. "Yeah, I think my father wouldve liked that," he said. The next thing I knew we were standing outside of a bus station and Sean was saying goodbye to me. He wrote his cell phone number and address on my hand and I did the same for him. After Sean was gone, I went back inside the bus station and my friend Emi was there. I was so excited about Sean that I didnt notice her at first. Then I showed her my hand and she about fainted. I told her what happened and it was obvious she was very jealous. She began to walk away and I turned to run after her

Then I woke up.

Just a dream, why couldnt it have been true? I looked at my hand wishfully and Seans phone number and address were not there. But I still remembered the numbers. I got out of my bed and called the number, 638-4326. The phone rang for a while and then I heard someone say "Hello?". "Uhh, is...uh, Sean there?" I asked nervously. If this wasnt Seans number I didnt want to feel like an idiot. "This is Sean," the voice replied. Sean Lennon? I asked unsurely. Yes he replied. Do you recognize the phone number ***-***-****? I asked hopefully. "Oh my, is that your phone number? he asked." "Yes." "Katie?" "Oh my gosh! You had the dream too?" "Yes, I did." "It was wonderful; the only thing I didnt like about it was that I never got to say what I wanted to. I want to meet you for real, and tell you what I wanted to say," he said. "So do I, well I cant possibly get to where you live, so could you come here?" he agreed and I gave him my address and waited anxiously for him to arrive. The next day Sean came.

Then I woke up for real. I looked at my hand and Seans graceful handwriting was nowhere to be found.

Turn it inside out so I can see/The part of you that's drifting over me/And when I wake you're never there/But when I sleep you're everywhere/Just tell me how I got this far/Just tell me why you're here and who you are/I recognize the way you make me feel/It's hard to think that this might not be real/I sense it now, the water's getting deep/I try to wash the pain away from me/And when I touch your hand/It's then I understand/The beauty that's within/It's now that we begin/You always light my way/I hope there never comes a day/No matter where I go/I always feel you so/Cause you're everywhere to me/And when I close my eyes it's you I see/You're everything I know that makes me believe/I'm not alone/Im not alone/You're in everyone I see/So tell me/Do you see me? ~Everywhere by Michelle Branch

Will you be in my dreams tonight?/And in the end/The love you take/Is equal to the love/You make ~The End by The Beatles

I don't expect you to understand/The kingdom of Heaven is in your hands/I don't expect you to wake from the dream/Too late for crying, now, that it seems/All their little plans and schemes/Ain't nothing but a bunch of dreams/All you really needed to do/Was, maybe, some love ~Real Love by John Lennon