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I Me Mine

Everything you wanted to know about the creator of this website!



...absolutely LOVE music! My fave bands include the Beatles, Doors, Rolling Stones, Greatful Dead, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. I play the rhythmic guitar and keyboard in my rock band, the Chartreuse Snow Turtlez. Sandy, the lead guitarist, and I decided we wanted to form a band way back in March or April of 2001. Since then, we've had a difficult time finding drummers and singers. (All we really needed was a drummer, but neither Sandy nor I had our hearts set on singing!) But by about early December 2001 we had our band completely formed, or so we thought. We went through some diffuculty with our drummer getting drums and learning how to play them. She performed with us in our school's variety show, (for 1300 people, or more). We realized that she didn't want to play drums so we got a new drummer...COLA! Now, Emi is going to learn bass, and if she can play it well enough then she can be our bassist! So...CST currently consists of *Sandy* on lead guitar and backup vocals-*Katie* (me) on keyboard, rhythm guitar, and backup vocals-*Shannon* on lead vocals and tambourine-*Cola* on drums-and *Emi* who is on hold for now.
I also enjoy writing poetry. It's a very effective hobby because most of my poetry can be used as song lyrics. Although none of it has been turned into a completed song, I have tons of ideas floating around in my head.

Of course, I also enjoy working on my website, because...well, if I didnt like making my site, then what would be the point of having it at all?








Me... is Katie. You can call me Kat (given to me by Sabrina), Ringo/Rigno (given by Sandy and Emi), Oregano (also by Sandy), Hippy or Beatles (given by evil people at school who think I'm weird. But I am, so there's nothing to get mad about, plus I like being called a hippy!) I am a very cynical person (Sandy's big word) as was John Lennon, so I suppose it's ok...(or atleast my Lennon bio book that I'm reading says it's ok!)

I'm 13 and I live near Rochester, New York. I've lived here for 10 years but I was born in Spokane, Washington. I thank my friend Sandy for introducing me to the Beatles in early 2001.

As you probably know, besides rock music, I'm also obsessed with hippies! Over this past summer my family went to Lincoln City, Oregon to go the the Pacific Ocean, and Lincoln City is a hippy TOWN! They had this one store there with the whole candles, incense, peace sign bit and it was totally groovy! Plus I saw all these VW bug vans (EMI!!!! HAPPY BUS!!!! ~in-joke, sorry!~). I also bought Lennon shades there and when we were driving back to out hotel I was wearing them in the car and this really far out hippy van drove past us and I turned around and the driver had the SAME shades as me! He honked and waved and I waved back. It was so cool! :-)
4 things that really bug me:

1) Rap and Hip-Hop music- it's so fake! The people dont really even sing. I mean, come on, I'm ashamed to admit that it was derived from rock 'n' roll music!

2) Ghetto people who use the term "Peace"- because they think it's cool. Well, if you don't mean it, that's totally NOT cool. (note to people: no I am not prejudice)

3) Being copyed- ok, one day I came to school with this brand new, totally awesome hair cut and within the next couple weeks...EVERYONE had it! Now, I'm growing my hair out very very long, and everyone wants to do that now too! HOW RUDE! (hint hint: don't copy my site or I will be authorized to hurt you in some way shape or form...)

4) People who bother me because I'm "weird"- well for your information, I like who I am, and you have no reason to tell me anything different! For example, on Halloween this year, in school Sandy, Emi, and I were the remaining members of Led Zeppelin, and we all had signs on our backs that said who we were. So well this girl that I don't even know walked up to me in the hallway and said, "Did you know you have a sign on your back?" and I say "Uhm, yes." and she says "Well I think that's stupid." Now let me ask you, HOW RUDE WAS THAT?!?! I mean, and I dye my hair sometimes and it's usually pink and people go, "Did you know your hair is pink?" Well, excuse me, but DUH! Did ya think I wouldn't know if my hair was PINK!?!? I tell ya, people nowadays are idiots! *cough* Emi *cough*


Betty, Cori, and I at a hotel in Washington D.C. on an Amadeus trip


Emi and I after our school musical in 6th grade


At my 12 year old B-Day party


Sandy, Emi, and I at youth group on my 13th b-day


Opening my presents beforing going to see BEATLEMANIA!


At the cast party of On Broadway


...Quotes by me:

"Hey, just because I rock doesn't mean I'm made of stone! And yes, I do know I dont have to say it...well...ok, you can anyways!" -Katie

Sandy: "I'm hungry."
Katie: "Would you like something to eat then?"
Sandy: "No."
Katie: "Oh, alright."

"When you said all things must pass away, I didn't think you meant yourself..." -from 'No One Knows' by Katie

"You mean so much of nothing to me." -from 'Bridge to Nowhere' by Katie Davis


A pic of part of my bedroom. Note my acoustic guitar, Beatles calendar, Yellow Sub. toys, Meet the Beatles record, and Barbie VW Bug!


A drawing of my *HAPPY BUS*! Doesn't it make you happy just to look at it?


My George Harrison pin given to me for Xmas from Mary (ta luv!). It was made in 1964!!!


My Meet the Beatles record given to me for no particular reason by Shannon (ta luv)!


Aren't this pics totally psychadelic? Now all ya hippies out there don't go crazy on me...These pics are all posters that can be purchased on! I, unfortuantly only have the Dark Side of the Moon poster. (Ok, now let's all pity Katie)


And now I will end with my life statement, curtousy of John Lennon.

"...I want to be loved and accepted. That's why I'm onstage, like a performing flea. Because I would like to be accepted by all facets of society and not be this loudmouth, lunatic, poet/musician. But I cannot be what I am not. What the hell do you do? You want to belong, but you don't...because you cannot belong."


Now that you've read all about me, take my quiz to see how much you REALLY know!