All You Need is Beatles!


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Beatlemania Adventure!
By Katie Lennon

From Brockport to Lockport I would go,

To see the Beatlemania show.

My parents said I could invite some friends,

But the list of guests just wouldn't end.

The show was in March so I had to wait,

But I didn't mind since it would be great.

The day of the show we went out to eat,

It happened to be a very nice treat.

On the way there we were all crazy,

Not one of us was the least bit lazy.

When we arrived we grabbed the front row,

We were all ecstatic that we got to go.

The curtains parted and we screamed their name,

It showed the Beatles had earned their fame.

Since we were hyper they liked us a lot,

"Paul" looked at us like we were all the he sought.

We got up and danced during "Twist and Shout",

And during intermission we ran about.

Yellow Submarine was so cool,

"George" pointed to us, so now it rules!

At the end of the show we laughed and screamed,

This was better than we all had dreamed.

We went to the lobby searching for fun,

I got autographs and even a hug.

My parents got me a poster too,

I got it signed so everyone knew.

When we finally left almost an hour later,

We found something special that made us feel greater.

A pink thing lying on the ground,

It was "Ringo's" suit that we had found.

When we ran inside with our faces aglow,

"Ringo" asked how it got there, but we didn't know.

So we left once again, laughing with glee,

Then we questioned again what we really did see.

It certainly was a Sergeant Pepper outfit,

We must have made it be quite the hit.

This Beatles tribute seemed so real,

Twelve bucks for a ticket, what a good deal!

Ok...ok...I know what you're thinking, what on earth was that about? Well, for my birthday my parents took me and a few friends to see Beatlemania! Then my English teacher asked us to write poetic narratives and so I wrote about Beatlemania. 

The special Ringo part of my adventure:

When we were walking out of the theatre, on the side of the building was this pink thing. Shannon exclaimed "It's a dead flamingo!" and so we went over to see what it really was. When we picked it up, it was the shirt that "Ringo" had worn for the Sgt. Pepper part of the show. We all ran inside screaming "RINGO! RINGO!" and everyone was really surprized that we had part of his costume. Even I was suprized! What are the chances that WE would find it!? Exactly, we were the only ones crazy enough to go and see if it really was a dead flamingo!  


My Fabmania autographs!