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Chatter On Son, Chatter On

Eh luvs? Ever wanted to talk like the lads? Here's your chance! I've gathered together a bit of British slang for you so have a bash at it! Ta luvs!


barney=a fight
bash =a try
belt up!=be quiet!
bird =a girl
bit of all right, a =something or someone that pleases you
browned-off=annoyed, fed-up
chart topper =a hit song
cheesed off=mightily annoyed
clean =respectable
come 'ed!=c'mon!
comfy =comfortable
crackers=definitely insane
crawler=someone who sucks up to people
cuppa=a cup of tea
drag=a bore, idiot
drag stuff =anything boring
fabmost =even greater
fug=a smoky, beery atmosphere
frightfully like =very
gear=great, cool, wicked
get on!=as if!
gets on me wick!=(it) really annoys me
giggle=a laugh
gobsmacked=extremely surprised
grotty=grotesque, yucky
how do you reckon that one out?=how do you figure that?
jam butties=jam/jelly sandwiches
kickoff, the=the beginning
kip, a spot of =a short nap
knock it off!=stop it!
larking=mucking around
lug holes=ears
lurking/lurker=hanging around suspiciously
naff, that's=that's not cool
(ta Paul!)
nice one=thanks
nosh-up, a=a very large meal
potty=stupid, crazy
sag off=to skip school, play hookie
scouse=Liverpool slang
scouser=a Liverpudlian
shurrup!=belt up!
slipped off =nicked off / disappeared
sod off="go away"
soft=slightly insane
sound as a pound= good (ta Paul!)
straight up!=it's true!
strokes=mischeivious stunts
swine =an insult!
swelling about the bonce=being conceited
why not be big about it?=make a big deal about it why don't you!
yer nesh=you're a sissy