All You Need is Beatles!


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The Beatles Have Landed

"So this is America. They all seem out of their minds." ~Ringo Starr




Paul twinkled an eye, cocked a smile
while John prised the gem free of it's setting
the flashbulbs clicked and George made a show
of blinking his lovely eyes
as John passed it behind his back to Ringo
who quietly popped America
into his pocket

The next morning, America woke up
and it was gone
Alarms rang out across the land. Hendrix was dispatched
to London, the logical place, where he made the Call
only America could hear, the anthem infused
with pain and feedback. Brian Wilson made inquiries
risking much, gaining enemies and weight. Clapton
stood in the shadows with his hair in his eyes
denying allegations, but, pointedly,
failing to name names. The President
sent out the proclaimation, I don't know how they did it,
but we'll get it back, by hook or by crook!
(He was, unfortunately, quoted.)
In Graceland, Elvis chuckled, and the nationed shuddered
with the sudden intimation that the joke might, after all, be on us,
And the Fab Four traipsed off
reminding us that they were still in the midst
of a Magical Mystery Tour
and had places to be and must be on their way
before any members of the press
could work up the courage to posit an accusation

Then, suddenly, as if by magic, there it was,
America, sitting right there
Where John had proposed a title match
with the Christ. (Ringo,
It will be remembered,
Had an 'ole in 'is pocket.)

by James MacFarlane Williams


From a press conference when the Beatles first arrived in America...

How did you find America?

John: We went to Greenland and made a left turn.

Would you like to walk down the street without being recognized?

John: We used to do this with no money in our pockets. There's no point in it.

Are you scared when crowds scream at you?

John: More so in Dallas than in other places perhaps.

Is it true you can't sing?

John [points to George]: Not me. Him.

Why don't you smile, George?

George: I'll hurt my lips.

What's your reaction to a Seattle psychiatrist's opinion that you are a menace?

George: Psychiatrists are a menace.