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Yoko Speaks Out
All You Need is Beatles!

All of us here at AYNB love Yoko so much that we are giving dear Yoko her own page on our site.

Note: If you take offense easily or are a huge fan of Yoko Ono do not read on.


"Yoko's Song" written by ME-Yoko Ono Lennon *cough* McCartney *cough*, with help from Katie and Sandy
I'm proud to be Yoko Ono
Where atleast I know I'm ugly
And I won't forget the man who died
And gave his stuff to me
And I proudly stand up
Next to you
And take *Paul* by the hand
Cause there ain't no doubt
I love this band...
God bless the ROLLING STONES!!!




Above is my philosophy of my lovely John...and Justin Timberlake. In '73 John shaved his head and a few years ago, so did the dear Nsync member! Stick some Lennon shades on Justin and I believe they look the same.



Hello again to all you people who adore me! Sorry I haven't written anything in a long while. I've been oh-so busy buying my new state of the art dictionary! It came with a cd-rom version that I am playing with right now. Wanna know a cool word? COOL! It means... "moderately cold; neither warm nor very cold" COOL! I didn't know that. I thought it meant...uh...COOL! Yeah, COOL!

Oh my goodness, I've just had a revalation. I should be on the Oscars and talk about Pinocchio! Oh wait...already did that. Oops, my bad. 

In regards to the Oscars, too bad my Paul didn't win! Shh, don't tell him I said that! Then again...tell him! Tell everyone...I LOVE PAUL MCCARTNEY! And dear Eileen too, I love her with a sinister kind of love...if you know what I mean.

Well would you look at the time! Looks like I have to go "accidently" bump into that sexy thing named Paul McCartney right now. Love ya'll! Bye!


Hello my name is Yoko Ono, from Japan. And I have lots of money because I married John Lennon. But first I had to ruin Cynthia Lennon's life by sleeping with John when she was on holiday. I loved John and it's too bad that he's dead, but now I can copyright his name and have concerts honoring him to make even more money. I have a son named Sean and he's made an album so now I'm getting more money. He and Julian are friends so I'm forced to do stuff with Cynthia. It's lots of fun cause she can tell that all the time I'm thinking "John liked me more than you! Haha!"

I think John was attracted to me because of my good looks. My mother always told me I was a beautiful child. You may be thinking, "What's with those glasses?" Well, I wear them because they accentuate my beauty. I am also very smart and I can use big words like accentuate. Except of course I always keep a thesaurus and dictionary handy so I can impress people with an immense vocabulary. (Hee hee, I got that from the thesaurus.)

In the 70s John and I cut our hair short and sold it to raise money for something. I can't remember what it was for, just that we made lots of money. I kept some of the money, well most of the money, as a keepsake and then gave the rest away.

Now you may be wondering if I'm a gold-digger or not. Well the answer of course, is yes! Heather Mills and I have become very close friends. I call her Eileen, as does Paul, but she doesn't get it. I plan to someday marry Paul since he is like the richest musician in the world, but I'll have to get rid of "Eileen" first. Hopefully I won't die before I get to marry Paul because I did turn 69 the other day. But I was looking forward to that considering how 69 is my most favorite number.

Well, I have to be going now because my money is calling me. Bye! And remember what I've always said, "All you need is cash!"


Ta Sabrina for inspiring me with *God Bless the Beatles*'s Heather Mills pages to make "Yoko Speaks Out".
Note to all: Like this idea? Please please me and get permission first by emailing Sabrina if you like HER idea, if you like MINE, then email me! Ta.