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By Katie Lennon

When I look at you

I wonder

How did this happen?

You're just a picture on my wall

You're just a song in my head

You're just a word on my lips

But you're everything to me


Then I think,

If this is everything,

What is nothing?

What is this?


You cause me pain

So much pain that I hate you

I hate how your eyes dance

I hate your perfect brown hair

I hate the people you love

Because they aren't me

And they never will be


I hate that you're gone

I hate that you'll never know I exist on this overrated planet

I hate that I hate you

I hate that no matter what I do

You'll never be here again


Paul will know

He'll know who I am

But I don't care

I want to be famous so that people will finally notice me

But you won't notice me



I'm so in love

I'm so in love that I have to say that I hate you

There's nothing else I can say

I love you more than anything

I love your penetrating eyes

Your beautiful smile

Your lips

Your hands

Your dry wit and humour


You make me laugh

You make me cry

And when I cry I hate you

Yet I love you still


You are so mystical to me

I wonder how you can write music

That speaks to me

When you sing

The world stops turning

I'm lost in a sea of happiness

I hate that I can't thank you

But half of what I say is meaningless

So if I could tell you

You would just laugh

Because I love you


You are my refuge

My shelter

My light in a storm

I need you

And I think you need me too.

Copyright (c) 2002 Katie Lennon.