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All You Need is Beatles!
~Chapter One~


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of "I've Just Seen a Face" by Katie Lennon

I've just seen a face

I can't forget the time or place where we just met

She's just the girl for me

And I want all the world to see we've met

Had it been another day

I might have looked the other way

Then I'd have never been aware

But as it is I'll dream of her tonight

I have never known the like of this

I've been alone and I have missed things

And kept out of site

But other girls were never quite like this

"I've Just Seen a Face" by the Beatles

*        *        *

Sheri Peters held her breath as her slender fingers shakily dialed the phone number for WINS, yet again. Her best friend, Debbie Messenger, sat anxiously on the sofa. Sheri heard the busy signal tone on the other end. She sighed as she hung up and quickly dialed again. "Aww, Sheri! It's still busy? We have to get through!" Debbie whined.

          "All My Loving" ended on the radio and a young female voice filled the room. "Hello? Am I the 32nd caller? Did I win?"

          The girl screamed as Murray the K said, "Yes, you did! What's your name?"

          "Cathy," she exclaimed, "Cathy Dawson! Oh my god, I won!"

          "Well congratulations Cathy, you've won tickets to see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan." Another scream from Cathy could be heard in the background as "She Loves You" began to play.

          Sheri slammed the phone back down on the cradle. "Damn it!" she yelled. Sheri and Debbie had been trying to win tickets all week to no prevail.

          "Well girl, I better be getting back to school, it's about time for my Lit class," Debbie said while walking to the door. Sheri nodded as Debbie put on her tweed coat, ready to face the freezing January air of New York.

          After the door to the apartment closed, Sheri was alone. She walked over to the small kitchen to get a glass of water. She truly had thought she would win this time. She had been a Beatles fan since Introducing the Beatles had been released the previous July.

          Sheri moved to New York City in the summer of 1962. She was currently a sophomore at New York University, getting a bachelor's degree in Modern Art. Sheri also planned to take education courses in graduate school to become an art teacher. Sheri had always been the pride and joy of the Peters' family. She was a local award winning artist, plus she was always helping people, especially children. Now she was putting both talents to use.

          Suddenly the Murray announced yet another chance to win Ed Sullivan show tickets. Sheri perked up, setting down her glass of water and turning up the radio. "To win tickets to see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, who is the oldest Beatle?"

          "I know that one!" Sheri cried, grabbing the phone. She dialed the station and it was, of course, busy.

          She tried for the next five minutes until the Murray announced the winner. "Argh!" she yelled.

          Her roommate Elizabeth Davidson entered, paying no mind to the fit that Sheri was throwing in the corner of the sitting room. This had become a daily occurrence as well as the Beatles music and paraphernalia all over the apartment. Elizabeth herself wasn't very into this new British pop band, but she could tolerate it. She preferred folk music, and especially liked Bob Dylan. "Still haven't won?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

          "Do I have to answer that?" Sheri groaned.

          "Sorry," Elizabeth said sarcastically, shedding her winter outer wear.

          Sheri switched off the radio and walked over to her 'official Beatles record player' sitting on the coffee table. She put on Meet the Beatles and sang along with Paul to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". The album had come out a week earlier and Sheri already had all the lyrics perfectly memorized. She and Debbie had camped out at the record store on the 19th, just before the album came out on the 20th. There were thousands of other girls around the country doing the same thing.

          She decided that if she didn't win tickets to Ed Sullivan, that she would join the herds of Fab Four fanatics and camp in front of their hotel. Hell, even if she did win, she might do it anyways!

          "I better finish up my painting assignment," Sheri told Elizabeth while sitting down at her easel.

          "And what is that?" Elizabeth asked.

          "I have to paint something that makes me happy. Here, have a look," Sheri said, beaming. It occurred to Elizabeth that Sheri always seemed to light up when talking about the Fabs. Her green eyes would get round, her pale skin would glow, and even her sandy blonde hair seemed to brighten.

          Elizabeth walked over to Sheri's easel and almost burst out laughing at the inevitability of Sheri's painting. It was of the Beatles. But, comparing it to the actual photograph of the back of the Meet the Beatles sleeve, Elizabeth noticed how similar they looked. Sheri was indeed a fantastic artist.

          By the time "All My Loving", the last song on the a-side of the album, was over, Sheri's painting was complete. "Now just an explanation to why the Beatles make me happy, is left," she muttered as she flipped the record over. George's sweet Liverpudlian accent filled the room singing "Don't Bother Me. Sheri sang along as she took out a sheet of loose-leaf paper and began to write.


The week went on with Sheri and Debbie trying numerous times to win tickets. A week before the show, Sheri sat in her bedroom listening eagerly to the radio for yet another chance to win, but she was beginning to think that her dream was in vain. She was sketching a picture of Paul, her favourite Beatle, from a pull out posters in the December issue of Tiger Beat. Her bedroom was adorned with many pictures and poster like these, and most were of Paul.

          For several minutes she stared into the poster's beautiful brown eyes. She began to fantasize about Paul, when a radio announcement interrupted her dream.

          "We have a special treat for you all here," the Murray the K said. "Two front row tickets to the Ed Sullivan show next week, as well as exclusive backstage passes."

          Sheri screamed.

          "But let's not stop there," the he said excitedly, "Let's add a limo ride to the show too!" At that, Sheri screamed louder, dropping her portfolio and running to the phone. "Just be the 48th caller and you'll win this lovely package."

          Sheri dialed the station's phone number and it was busy. She hung up and redialed about seven time until it was finally ringing!

          "WINS," the recognizable Murray the K said.

          "Oh my god! Am I the 48th caller?" Sheri said in disbelief.

          "Yes you are! Congratulations on winning WINS's big prize.

          "I Saw Her Standing There", Sheri's favourite Beatles song began to play as the DJ asked her her name and address. She was to pick up the tickets at the radio station by Thursday.

            When Sheri hung up, she called out Elizabeth's name in excitement. When Elizabeth ran in, Sheri exclaimed breathlessly, "I won! Front row tickets...backstage passes..."

          "Oh my god!" Elizabeth said, surprised. She wrapped her arms around Sheri, "Congratulations! I knew it would happen sooner or later. You better call Debbie and tell her the good news!"

          Sheri nodded and reached for the phone again. But it rang before she even got to it. "Hello?" she said.

          "OH MY GOD!" someone screamed over the phone. "SHERI, YOU'RE SO LUCKY!"

          It was Linda, her partner in painting class. "Linda? How'd you-- Oh, you must have heard me on the radio!"

          "Yes!" Linda cried. "I tried calling in over and over to win, but you got through instead."

          "I'm sorry. But, I need to go; I was just about to call Debbie."

          "Oh," Linda said. "Well, congratulations Sheri!"

          "Thanks, bye..." Sheri said as she hung up the phone. But as soon as she set it down, it started ringing again. "Hello?"

          "I hate you!" a female voice said. It sounded like Debbie's freshman friend Jamie.

          "Ah, Jamie, I'm sorry you feel that way."

            "I should've won! I was the 47th caller. I was going to win the tickets and bring Debbie, not you!" Jeez, Jamie was acting like a baby! Not at all like Debbie, who was also a freshman. Sheri didn't like Jamie much, and this made it worse. Sheri simply hung up on her. The phone rang again.

          "What!?" Sheri yelled impatiently, she wanted to call Debbie!

          "SHERI! YOU WON!" Debbie's familiar voice screamed over the phone.

          Sheri smiled, "You heard too?! Backstage passes too...Debbie, we're going to meet the Beatles!"

          Debbie screamed, resulting in a series of "shut-ups" coming from other students. She must have been calling from a pay phone in her dorm. "I'll get to meet George," she whispered.

          "And I'll get to meet Paul," Sheri said, lowing her voice to match Debbie's. "Oh wow, now I'm nervous."

          "Me too," Debbie agreed. "I better get over there! We have to go shopping for some new clothes for next Sunday!"


Before Debbie arrived about 10 minutes later, Sheri received almost 20 more phone calls of either hate or congratulations. After that, she simply unplugged the phone.

          The doorbell rang and Sheri rushed to answer it. "Oh, there's my lucky best friend," Debbie gushed, walking into the apartment.

          "Hi Debbie," Sheri said, relieved that it was her. "Let's get outta here!" she said, putting on her houndstooth patterned coat. The girls walked out of the apartment and to the bus stop.

          "So, are we going to Macy's?" Debbie asked.

          "Yeah, I guess so. It's only a mile from here, do you want to walk?"

          Debbie looked at the sky and wrapped her scarf tightly around her neck. "No way! It's too damn cold!" Debbie complained.

          Sheri shrugged as they boarded the bus. "It was just an option."

          It was very convenient to live in Greenwich Village. It was less than a mile to school, and close to a lot of stores. The summer after their freshman year, she and Elizabeth, a newfound friend, wanted to rent an apartment. The chose one in Greenwich Village because both of them were artsy people, and they wanted to be around others like them.

          Elizabeth was majoring in theatre and minoring in voice at NYU. Her voice was beautiful. Sheri heard her practicing every afternoon, and saw her star in the school's musical last spring.

          The bus arrived at Herald Square and Sheri and Debbie got off, thanking the driver. When they entered Macy's, they heard "I Wanna Be Your Man" playing over the loudspeaker. "Ooh!" Debbie squealed in delight, walking over to the clothing section of the large department store.

          Sheri spotted a light green A-line dress hanging on a rack about 2 yards away from her. She rushed over to it and took it off the rack. "Debbie! What do you think of this one?" she called to Debbie, pointing to the dress she was holding up to herself. Debbie came over holding an A-line dress in tartan with a matching red sweater.

          "I love it!" Debbie exclaimed. "Try it on, and I'll try mine too." The girls went over to the fitting rooms and emerged a few minutes later wearing their outfits of choice. " Sheri, the dress matches your eyes perfectly!"

          Sheri smiled and said, "Oh, and I love your's! It looks great with your hair."

          "Does it?" Debbie said, touching her dark brown hair that reached passed her shoulders.

          The girls changed back into their street clothes and proceeded to the shoes section of Macy's with their dresses in hand. Both of them picked out a pair of Mary Jane's. Sheri chose white and Debbie, black.

          The excitement of winning the tickets was making Sheri's head spin. Along with her dress and shoes, she purchased a white handbag with light green daisies around the top, as well as a new pair of white tights. Debbie decided against any extra accessories because she was short on money, but Sheri bought her a red handbag as a present.

          The girls left the store with their purchases and boarded a bus to take them to WINS. When they arrived, Sheri told the receptionist her name and that she had won the tickets earlier in the day. The receptionist nodded and gave them the tickets and backstage passes.

          "We have your address and we'll send a limo to pick you up at 5:30. It'll drive you around and then take you to the studio," she said. Sheri thanked the woman and left happily, tickets in hand.

          She was going to meet the Beatles, and god, was she excited!

More soon!